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  • AC Compressor Failure Prevention

    Air conditioning systems have a lot of pieces and parts that have to work together to provide you nice cool air and live a long reliable life.

    Oil in the system is one key to long compressor life and a few things can screw that up:
    • Improper type or quantity of oil when installing system.
    • Low refrigerant charge so oil doesn't get carried thru the system properly. The R134a used in most modern systems or that will be used in your "classic" system after it is repaired in the modern world carries the oil so if the system gets low on R134a then the oil won't circulate and the compressor will get destroyed. See note below.
    • Clogged Accumulator/Receiver/Dryer Filter not allowing oil to circulate.

    Note: "The most probable cause (of compressor failure) is “LOW REFRIGERANT CHARGE”. R134a can only circulate the oil properly when there is a full charge. That’s because R134a does not mix with the oil but rather carries it “piggy back”.
    As the charge gets low, it cannot carry as much so the oil gets left behind in the low side of the system. The oil can collect in the evaporator, accumulator and the suction hose. On acceleration, there is a surge of refrigerant flow that could push a “puddle” of oil into the compressor creating noise, bending or breaking reed valves and popping the belt.

    After the symptom has been eliminated by replacing the affected parts, be sure to thoroughly leak test the system. The smallest leak will eventually cause the symptom to return and more parts will be damaged."

    Bottom line - if your dash air conditioning output seems to be warming up don't run it anymore and get it checked ASAP before you destroy the compressor and require a HUGE repair.
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