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  • Radar Detectors - Cincinnati Microwave (Escort) vs Valentine Research (Valentine One)

    Radar detectors can be a useful accessory and an important part of traveling both long & short distances. As an Escort customer for essentially my entire driving career (nearly 30 years), I recently decided to try a Valentine One (V1) detector. I was apprehensive, but the results have been impressive. I plan to post a more thorough review as I gain more seat-time with the V1, but I can say without hesitation or reservation, the V1 is a fantastic product. It has some distinct functional advantages over anything offered by Escort, but does have some frustrating user interaction nuances that Escort does a better job with. But in the end, the ability to detect and locate radar as far away as possible is all that really matters. In that battle, my experience shows that the V1 is the clear winner. After 30 years an Escort fan, I am now a Valentine One guy... a V1 guy hoping that they take some usability cues from Escort to make their product truly the very best by all measures.

    Looking forward to sharing a more detailed view in the near future.


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