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  • Roadbreakers app to help RV and Big Rig travelers find overnight parking

    Found this app for my phone that looks like it could prove very useful for us RVers. It shows overnight parking all over the US for big vehicles. Users share info and comments so as the database grows it should continuously improve. I'll be trying it out and keep you posted on my experience.

    Here is the promo video:

    and website:
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    Hi ClassicRV'ers! We're honored to be invited here to share details about our mobile app, RoadBreakers, which is designed to do one thing: Help you find overnight RV & truck parking in the USA (and currently expanding into Canada.)

    There are several RV & trucking apps for mobile devices, but ours targets the parking issue with the best live-updated database on parking locations. We've located over 11,000 overnight parking locations for your road break.

    RoadBreakers was in part designed & developed by a professional truck driver facing the nightly challenge of where to park his truck. We hope to become a valuable tool in your suite of apps working to improve the RV life. We include rest areas, truck stops, oases, street parking, and plenty of conventional and unconventional parking locations. We also list Walmarts and other big box stores if we know they allow overnight parking.

    Our parking data is built into the app, so the app doesn't need an internet connection to locate hundreds of parking locations. When you do have an internet connection, the app downloads small, live database updates to keep the parking list current. (We only download new & deleted parking locations, never the full database files--we need to conserve our cellular data usage!) The app provides additional details for each parking location such as telephone #, address, latitude/longitude, plus a list of accessible businesses (restaurants, stores, etc) near each parking location.

    We launched in September 2014 and are currently charging $2 for the app. We've been featured in several places in the trucking media and are grateful for the the chance to reach RV owners through We've been mentioned in Transport Topics magazine, 18 Wheels & Heels Magazine, The George & Wendy Show, and interviewed on the Extreme Truckers Show. (Links are on our website.)

    Our app is currently in the iPhone App Store. We're currently working hard on the Android version which we expect will be ready soon.

    We are very active in the community and very easy to reach. Our email contact info and Twitter accounts are all listed on our website. Please give us a try and let us know what you think. Thanks!
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      Had a chance to use the app on a road trip between AZ and CA. It seems to be very user friendly and the ability to use it without data connection is really valuable. Many areas along our route had weak or no cell coverage but I was still easily able to see our position on the map and look for truck stops and restaurants ahead. Leaving user comments is easy. Would be nice if it had the ability for users to add pictures of places. I am really looking forward to using this when I get the RV out of winter storage.
      1992 Champion EuroPremier 38'-sold, 1984 Ford Bronco, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby", 2012 Pomeranian- "Bella"


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        This sounds like a great app! I look forward to using it this summer when we travel.