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  • I hope we never need another cummins 8.3 engine but if we do

    RV junkyard revival -
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    Yeah that would be a serious bummer!

    This place looks like a great source for all kinds of stuff! Can't believe how expensive some of the parts are, even used.
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      Cummins 8.3L - online manual - Go here to register your engine's esn number
      below is just a very small but important piece of the manual that we are all responsible for

      102-002 Maintenance Schedule

      Table of Contents

      General Information
      For your convenience, listed below are the section numbers that contain specific instructions for performing the maintenance checks listed in the maintenance schedule.
      Perform maintenance at whichever interval occurs first. At each scheduled maintenance interval, perform all previous checks that are due for scheduled maintenance.
      Maintenance Procedures at Daily Interval4 (Section 3)

      • Drive Belts - Check
      • Coolant Level - Check
      • Cooling Fan - Check
      • Lubricating Oil Level - Check
      • Fuel-Water Separator - Drain
      Maintenance Procedures at 10,000 Kilometers [6000 miles], 250 Hours, or 3 Months1, 4 (Section 4)

      • Air Cleaner Restriction - Check
      • Charge Air Cooler - Check
      • Charge Air Piping - Check
      • Lubricating Oil and Filters - Change
      • Air Intake Piping - Check
      • Air Compressor - Check
      • Radiator Pressure Cap - Check
      Maintenance Procedures at 19,000 Kilometers [12,000 miles], 500 Hours, or 6 Months2, 3, 4 (Section 5)

      • Coolant Filter - Change
      • Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) and Antifreeze - Check
      • Cooling System - Check
      • Fuel Filter (Spin-On Type) - Change
      Maintenance Procedures at 38,000 Kilometers [24,000 miles], 1000 Hours, or 1 Year4 (Section 6)

      • Cooling Fan Belt Tensioner - Check
      • Overhead Set - Adjust
      • Drive Belts - Check
      Maintenance Procedures at 77,000 Kilometers [48,000 miles], 2000 Hours, or 2 Years2, 3, 4, 5 (Section 7)

      • Air Compressor Discharge Lines - Check
      • Cooling System - Flush
      • Vibration Damper, Rubber - Inspect for Reuse
      • Vibration Damper, Viscous - Inspect for Reuse
      1. The lubricating oil and lubricating oil filter interval can be adjusted based on fuel consumption, gross vehicle weight, and idle time. Refer to Oil Drain Intervals in this section.
      2. Test the SCA concentration level every 6 months unless concentration is over three units; then check at every oil drain interval until concentration is below three units.
      3. Antifreeze check interval is every oil change or 19,000 Kilometers [12,000 Miles], 500 hours or 6 months, whichever occurs first. The operatormust use a heavy-duty year-round antifreeze that meets the chemical composition of ASTM D6210. The antifreeze change interval is 2 years or 77,000 Kilometers [48,000 Miles], whichever occurs first. Antifreeze is essential for freeze, overheat, and corrosion protection.
      4. Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance procedures for the starter, alternator, generator, batteries, electrical components, engine brakes, exhaust brake, charge-air cooler, air compressor, refrigerant compressor, and fan clutch.
      5. This cooling system requirement to Flush at this scheduled maintenance includes Drain, Flush, and Fill.

      Oil Drain Intervals
      Refer to the following flowchart to determine the maximum recommended oil change and filter change intervals in kilometers, miles, hours, or months, whichever comes first.
      Is the vehicle one of those listed below?
      • Truck crane/yard spotter
      • Paver/crane/backhoe
      • Dozer/scrape/skipper
      If Yes -
      • Select the correct oil drain interval from Table 1.
      If No -
      • Is the vehicle one of those listed below?
        • Tractor/combine/irrigation equipment
        • Generator set/air compressor/fire equipment
      If Yes -
      • Select the correct oil drain interval from Table 2.
      If No -
      • Select the correct oil drain interval from Table 3.

      Table 1, Oil Drain Intervals*
      Vehicle/Equipment Kilometers Miles Hours Months
      Truck crane/yard spotter 10,000 6,000 250 3
      Paver/crane/backhoe N/A N/A 250 3
      Dozer/scraper/skidder N/A N/A 250 3

      Table 2, Oil Drain Intervals*
      Vehicle/Equipment Kilometers Miles Hours Months
      Tractor/combine/irrigation equipment N/A N/A 250 3
      Generator set/air compressor/fire pump N/A N/A 250 3

      Table 3, Oil Drain Intervals*
      Vehicle/Equipment Kilometers Miles Hours Months
      All others 10,000 6,000 250 3
      *Units equipped with a 26.5 liter [28 qt] high capacity oil pan can extend intervals to 500 hours.