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  • "WHO ARE YOU?"

    Need help identifying your coach? You click "Post Reply" (upper left) here, in the "Title" please post Year and Model, or else the Year and Make. Upload a picture. You'd be surprised of responses, "I had one of those!" There are all kinds of tricks i.e. "wheelbase" that can help refine your search for info.
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    Honestly, the use of personal pronouns doesnt deem you mentally unstable, except for the one "DEAR".


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      1994 FIRAN 38 FOOT pre-purchase from no clue owner, only built in 94-95-96, I think these are 37' 6", a Cummins inline 6 pusher/Allison 3060, seemingly I always end up with oddball vehicles, looking to ID confirm the chassis mfgr. and locate build numbers, and talk with any owners of this same model. the Cummins C 8.3-litre engine was originally introduced in 1985 as the 6C8.3 (co-designed with Case IH), a NON TURBO INLINE 6, 506 CUBIC INCH in a Spartan IC-2242 later with a turbo added.
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