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  • Package Delivery While on the Road - Need for Technology

    I've been reading some great articles by RV full timers as I am very curious about doing this at some point. Maybe not full time all year but at least for part of the year when my beloved state of Michigan is frozen over.

    Laura and Kevin from mentioned in one article that a big issue is getting mail, packages, registration, paying taxes, things that normally use a home address.

    Curtis from talks about his need to get insulin delivered refrigerated and how he has a network of friends across the country that help him.

    There apparently is a demand for a better way than just the current mail forwarding services. I am imagining some type of setup that interfaces with UPS, Fedex, USPS, maybe Amazon, that ties into the location capability of your smartphone/tablet or a location that you specify that you'll be during the estimated window of delivery dates.

    This is turning into a brainstorming session.
    • Maybe somehow it's an additional feature of a mail forwarding service?
    • Possibly a service offered by a retail chain that is almost everywhere like WalMart.
    • Does this type of service already exist and I'm clueless?

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