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  • Europremier 1993 Project 2018 taking off

    So I've been away for awhile, I've finally been able to put a plan together on what to do to the RV.

    So far 2017:
    New front tires - M122 Toyo's all position - using as front tires 255/75R 22.5 - tire/tax/installation 700.00 for front
    Rear Tires are going to have to wait but i will be replacing with a drive tire not an all position.

    Purchased Front Airbags in 2015 but know one wants to install them - it is not easy by far. The entire suspension needs to come down and the RV has to be supported.

    Water heater replaced with new AC/Gas Atwood.

    Ripped out carpet in living room, pulled jacknife couch out, recliner - going to remove steel plate under floor, I will not be putting back the recliner - folding chairs work great with lots of folks in RV.
    Pulled out table from kitchen - I will be ripping out parquet flooring.

    Plans are to be painting the lower cabinets - chalky gray and tops chalky antique white - handles will be painted hammered copper

    New gray vinyl flooring going in Living room to kitchen, front cabin is going to be a rubber flooring - gray coin or black diamond plate

    Shop fixed both front wheel seals, and replaced front shocks.

    Going to be replacing all exterior indicator and side turn signals with new LED lighting
    Purchase new kitchen fan - and cover
    Moving kitchen fan assembly to bathroom, and mounting cover with fan

    Purchased lap sealant for project and maintenance

    New Vacuum bags for RedDevil cv950

    Ordered Flitz metal polish to polish front and rear alcoa's - lets see if it works like it says it does.

    Purchased exterior paint for the interior wall's due to temperature changes with RV, external paint is better for mold prevention and uv properties.

    Rear Air Bags, Shocks and Tires

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    Very impressive! I didn't realize you had been so busy.

    I too purchased new front airbags and was going to install myself but soon discovered it was going to be a serious job. Going to try to find a shop to do it this spring, probably April or May when out of winter storage. We also need rear air bags, they are looking rough and I'd hate to get stranded by something that is preventable.

    Sounds like a good deal on those front tires. Will be interested to hear if you get an improvement in ride quality and tracking when all new tires are on.

    Which shocks did you go with on front?

    How expensive was it to get those front wheel seals done?
    1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby", 2012 Pomeranian- "Bella" --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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      The 2 front wheels with installation were about 750.00 including tax. Which also identified that the seals needed to be replaced.

      Months later, I brought it back for seals before going on a longer trip - 4hrs from home. and both seals front and both shocks were 700.00 including tax.

      I found that Southern Tire Mart uses Bridgestone/Firestone services - so I use my card - any service over 150 goes to deferred payment plan - of 6 months. it helps build credit.

      With the passenger airbag failed, the ride quality would be better, but I noticed an improvement with new wheels, and now shocks. but the air bags are key.

      The rears need to get done to. but it looks a little easier; but I'm going to let the professionals do the airbags, I don't want to die to save money on that project


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        I hear ya, some things are better left to the professionals, gotta pick our battles.

        I've wondered about those front bearing seals, ours are still ok, good to know they aren't terribly expensive to have replaced.
        1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby", 2012 Pomeranian- "Bella" --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet