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  • Fixing Loose Louvers on Rear Engine Hatch

    Occasionally the old rivets holding the louvers on my engine hatch are coming loose. I've experimented with some ways to fix these and made a short video of what seems to work on my Champion Diesel. I use either self drilling 10-16 x 3/4" pan head philips screws or if the hole is blown out on the louver I found that standard license plate screws fit perfectly.

    Note: Zip ties are a must in your RV supply kit and work great for holding the louvers on temporarily. In this case mine weren't long enough so I threaded 2 together to get the length to go around the louver and support bar.

    1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby", 2012 Pomeranian- "Bella" --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet