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  • A good fuel stabilizer is VERY important

    When storing your RV or anything with an engine I highly recommend using a good fuel stabilizer product. I personally have used Sta-Bil brand for many years and find it invaluable. They make different kinds to meet different needs and have adapted their formulas to cope with the increased ethanol in gasoline and the ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

    Just a few simple steps:
    • Fill up your tank with fuel. Less air space leaves less room for condensation to form.
    • Add the appropriate amount of stabilizer for your size tank, listed on the product.
    • Run the engine long enough to get the fuel all the way into the engine. You want treated fuel throughout the fuel system.
    • Run the generator to get treated fuel into it's fuel system too.

    You're set up for easy starting and a clean fuel system for at least a year.
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