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  • Front Suspension Air Valves

    Well needless to say it was a chore to replace the front passenger air valve. I purchased 12 ton jack stands and placed them on the front suspension on both sides, lowered or dumped the air from the tanks, then and only then started to unscrew the air lines (taking a picture first) then replaced the air valve and reattach the air hoses.

    I measured the drivers side wheel height and it was 37 1/4 high. My passenger side before was 35 - even after. so my height adjustment rod is not the right size. i ordered extra so i will replace.

    My problem was the front of the coach was lowering to fast. While camping the last time i could hear the air escaping via the air valves. primarily the front passenger side. once i replace it i no longer heard any air leaving the system. But i still have air loss.

    What is the typical drop of the front suspension after turning off the rig?

    I will still replace the other air valve while camping in Brazos Bend State Park this weekend. The air bags will have to wait until i return. Prep 30 mins. Removal/Replacement 1hr. Clean up 30mins (my time was 3hrs - 1st time).

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    Sounds like a good project. I love that you got to buy some new jack stands! Those 12 ton ones are awesome, I just like looking at mine sitting in the garage!

    Normally the rig should drop very slowly after shutting down the engine, like you won't even notice it's happening. Some air systems are tighter than others but they will all leak down eventually. Not sure of the exact distance of drop but seems like maybe it's only a few inches on the Europremiers.

    Strange that you would have the wrong size adjustment rod in there. I found the manual and it has a ride height chart. With the system all aired up, tires at proper inflation pressure and on smooth level surface you measure from the ground to the bottom of the frame rail as close to the front axle as possible. Depending on your tire size this should be anywhere from 23.75" to 24.75". Changing the length of the rod by loosening the hose clamps and sliding the rubber rod ends should allow you to get the proper ride height.

    Now (assuming your systems are similar to ours) normally when you are camping you would park and drop the hydraulic jacks but not extend them, then use the air dump valve on the jack control panel to lower the coach until all the air is out of the suspension. CAUTION: DON'T DUMP THE AIR WITHOUT HAVING THE JACKS DOWN, ON SOME COACHES THIS CAN DAMAGE THE AIRBAGS, CONSULT THE MANUAL FOR YOUR SPECIFIC COACH. At this point on level ground the jacks may not be touching the ground but on uneven ground you may have one or more touching. Now you extend the other jacks to level out the coach

    When ready to leave you start engine and let suspension raise up all the way and then just retract your jacks and do your walk around outside to double check you're disconnected, have all your stuff, everything looks normal, awning is secure and bins are closed and securely latched.
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