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  • Heated Jackets and Hoodies

    This could be the most amazing stuff ever invented! I'm looking at the Milwaukee Tools brand heated jackets and hoodies. Many of the tool companies like Bosch, DeWalt, & Craftsman have them but I can't seem to find them available anywhere. Even the Milwaukee ones are hard to find but our local Fastenal store can get them in a couple days from their warehouse.

    A hoodie owner I talked to that works in a warehouse and is in and out of the cold all day said that he charges his once a week and it works great. He typically only turns it on for about 10 minutes every once in a while and it keeps him totally comfortable.

    The beauty of the Milwaukee stuff is that the batteries and chargers are interchangeable with many of their tools so if you already have Milwaukee cordless tools or plan on adding some to your collection these jackets would be a perfect compliment. The new design even has a USB port on the battery holder so you can charge your phone from your jacket if needed. There's also a 12 volt plug with 7 foot cord so you can plug into any 12v DC power outlet and get unlimited run time.

    12 Volt Heated Gear: the first-ever line of wearable jackets, hoodies and hand warmers that harness the power of lithium-ion battery technology and provide hours of active heat both on and off the jobsite.
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    cool thing!!


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      Josh, this is kinda cool thing i also agree with it and also when i'm a traveler too. I would like to tell you that your post are amazing and people will get so much of the information through this. I believe that all these sort of stuff helps a lot to get information about different of the stuff about travelling.


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        Thanks Marsk
        1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby" --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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          You're Welcome Josh!


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            Josh, You have shared really good things which al of us. Your post will be helpful for the travelers and people can get really interesting information there. I appreciate your effort and wills are this post with my family after coming back from baltimore tour from chicago. I hope they will also love it and share with me own viwes about it. after that I will share with you.