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  • Allison Transmission - ECU failure - RV has been parked since October 2019

    Well I thought I would post, its been a long while since I posted anything.

    I was getting ready for a trip to the Renaissance Festival one evening and as you all know specially with one person "me" it takes a long time to load the RV with the trip supplies, my RV is in storage so I load the truck, unload the truck, load the RV, go to kroger or walmart, go shopping for groceries and ice, load the RV, went Home with the RV to eat dinner and get last minute supplies, bedding from dryer and so on. " its about 4hrs " to prep load for a weekend or a week long trip.

    I got in the RV, started up, when it was time to back up, no problem, however Drive was a different story, I stepped on the gas and nothing, then the Do Not Shift Light came on. "WTF". Alarms, Lights and me freaking out.

    I turned off the RV, started up again, put in Drive - Do Not Shift Light again. - Okay turned off, back on, put in reverse no problem, straighten up along curb, and went inside to find manual online and other suggestions.

    I found that if you start and turn off 5 times, then a press key sequence on the transmission you get into the code section, regardless I was able to get the coach back into the driveway, then I just unloaded everything. Trip was cancelled. - Now to get it back to storage without having to get a tow truck.

    I followed instructions on proper disconnection of batteries and rebooted the Rig essentially. I was able to get the coach to go into drive without the alarm, but I took it back to storage.

    On FMCA everyone posted high remarks about - - John Kopalek - Owner and Senior Engineer Of Transmission Instruments

    Address: Transmission Instruments
    6101 Long Prairie Road, Ste 744-185 Flower Mound, TX 75028
    Phone: +1-(972) 353-8286

    I called them and we discussed the issue and I was quoted 600.00 to fix / rebuild my ECU. I still have not sent it out yet, but soon.

    Any thoughts? Let me know

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    Oh man that is such a drag!! All that prep is a huge effort and I always fear that situation!!

    Any idea what code was triggered that would cause that? Just wondering if that's a safety feature of the transmission if it senses something wrong? Is it possible it is getting a signal from a sensor and not actually a failing ECU?
    1992 Champion EuroPremier 38'-sold, 1984 Ford Bronco, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby", 2012 Pomeranian- "Bella"


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      Check out this thread especially the third post:

      Seems that may not be an ECU problem??
      1992 Champion EuroPremier 38'-sold, 1984 Ford Bronco, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby", 2012 Pomeranian- "Bella"


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        have you ever changed your transmission fluid, I have not done anything to the transmission yet


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          I did change it about 6 years ago.
          1992 Champion EuroPremier 38'-sold, 1984 Ford Bronco, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby", 2012 Pomeranian- "Bella"


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            I put a bottle of Trans-X High Mileage Treatment in the transmission, also, I power washed the Transmission Cooler using the chemical guys orange degreaser, on the engine bay and all the radiators. I drove from Spring TX to Freeport TX about 200 miles round trip, you can not even feel when it shifts gears, you have to look at the shifter. I will drive some more in August, and then flush the transmission fluid and replace both filters and gaskets