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  • Guns and Self Defense while traveling - opening remarks

    I know this can be a sensitive subject for many and there are a bunch of grey areas with laws varying between different countries, states, counties, cities, etc. Let's keep this discussion civil and as always respect each others opinions. The intent is to share helpful information and experiences, vent about stupid rules or about rules that don't exist and should, and have fun talking about our other favorite toys, guns.

    Some reasons to carry guns in an RV include self defense and for those that live in their RV, actually carrying your collection. Whatever your reason there are still a ton of laws and restrictions that have to be followed. The "Man" expects you to know the rules where ever you go and pleading ignorance is never a good defense. Be aware that the laws change and there could be some big gotchas so do some research before each trip on the places you will be going.
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