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  • "unknown" for now, RV restoration.

    So, I'll find out the name, model and year, for now I'll just post a few pics.
    As I said in the intro, it is in pretty bad shape in some places, overall not that bad.

    I thought about removing everything rotten and replacing with fresh plywood, but around the windows will be tricky, also not sure if the exterior "wall" is actuly a one piece thing along with the interior. I hope it's not, so I can safely remove it. I'll see that these days.

    So, pictures now.
    The last one is in the front.
    All others are from the back, or the "room".

    Not that great as pics, didn't think I'd ever show them to someone, I'll make a short video detailing all these spots a bit more.
    That's it for now. As I have to make some kind of roof above it so I can work on the inside without rain going in too..

    Any recommendations for what to use on the outside, keeping in mind I don't really care how it looks, as it will be parked for ever, the point is to make it water proof so it has nowhere to leak.

    All things welcome 🙃

    Ps: will update the title with it's name when I discover it.

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    Poor thing has been so neglected, looks like a major project. Love those windows that open out!

    Do you have pics of the exterior? What is the exterior made of? Could you possibly caulk and seal the leaky parts and then work on the interior?
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