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  • Garbage Disposal's Favorite Tricks

    Most RV's probably don't have garbage disposals in their kitchen sinks but you likely have one in your unwheeled home and this knowledge could save you a hefty repair bill so you have more 💰 for camping.

    Sometimes if a disposal gets jammed with something or gets rusty from old age and lack of use it will just quit trying, not even a sound. There seem to be 4 possibilities, 3 of which were obvious to me...
    1) house circuit breaker or fuse popped
    2) GFI outlet button popped
    3) disposal is completely toast

    The fourth was the elusive one for me...
    4) the tiny red circuit breaker button hidden on the bottom (red arrow in pic)

    Bottom line action items:
    1) unplug power cord and use flashlight to check for obstructions, if clear use sturdy wood spoon, broomstick or similar to reach down in and turn disposal (never put hand down in there!), it may be really hard to spin if rusty or corroded. Once you get it to move proceed to step 2.
    2) check little red button on bottom
    3) check gfi
    4) check house breaker/fuse box
    5) plug in and turn on momentarily, if it spins turn on water and turn on disposal as normal.

    The other famous trick these sneaky but useful kitchen appliances like to play on unsuspecting do it yourselfers is the big installation gotcha. The plugged dishwasher drain hose input (yellow arrow in pic)- most brand new disposals have metal blocking the hole down inside where it's not easy to see. This is for people that don't have a dishwasher. The tiniest fine print (my warped perception) in the instructions tells you to remove this metal blockage if you are hooking up a dishwasher. I am by no means the first or last person to have the dishwasher practically overflow! What a nightmare! 😫

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