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  • 1992 Champion Europremier 38' Class A Diesel

    Purchased in July 2013 with 71,336 miles on it in running condition but desperately needing new tires and a bunch of TLC. Originally I thought this would be a great coach for us to fix up a bit and just try to keep running reliably. It's comfortable, has a floor plan we like, lots of power for towing, lots of storage, large holding tanks, all the amenities we had been wanting, etc... Well, I have really fallen in love and it has become my mission to restore it.

    Click image for larger version

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    1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby" --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet

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    List of things To Do:
    Fix Dash Air Conditioning - new compressor, belt, TXV valve & dryer/filter (almost done, need to test why Low pressure side is a bit low and TXV icing up)
    Polish Front Wheels
    Polish Exterior - partly done
    Wax Exterior
    Reseal Roof with Kool Seal White
    Fix or replace HD TV Antenna
    Fix Cb Radio
    Fix Driving Lights/Fog Lights
    Remove Wallpaper & Paint - mostly done
    Fix Holding Tank Sensor Wiring
    Remove Rust on Chassis & Components - lots done during shock replacement.
    Change Fluid in Front Wheel Bearings
    Add Amp & Subwoofer to Dash Stereo
    Add Speakers to Dash Stereo
    Make Custom Driver Floor Mat
    Make Custom Mats for Inside Entry Steps
    Change Air Dryer Filter (air brakes & suspension)
    Replace 7 Pin Trailer Light/Brake Plug (the one I put in last year turned out to be crap)
    Fix Reverse Light Wiring
    Replace Fuel Shutoff Solenoid & keep old one as spare - (carrying new one with us for now)
    List of Things Completed:
    New Tires
    Change Engine Oil
    Change Generator Oil
    Change Fuel Filters
    Change Air Filters
    Change Transmission Fluid
    Grease Chassis
    Polish Rear Wheels
    Rear Wheel Center Caps
    Replace Electric Element in Hot Water Heater
    Front Shocks
    Rear Shocks
    Replace Fuel Transfer Pump - started leaking a few days after purchasing coach
    Replace Idler Pulley - noisy, replaced and kept old as emergency spare
    Rebuild Turbo
    Replace Tubing from Air Filter Housing to Turbo
    Caulk Roof
    Fix Power Entry Step Wiring
    Fix Power Entry Step Loose Rivet/Bushings
    Install Trailer Brake Controller
    Install 7 Pin Trailer Light/Brake Plug
    Replace Ignition Cutoff Switch in Engine Compartment
    Replace Ignition Solenoid in Engine Compartment
    Replace Backup Camera & Display Screen
    Change Code on Deadbolt
    New Dash AM/FM/USB Stereo
    Replace Queen Bed Mattress
    Re-upholster Couch
    Re-upholster Dinette Cushions
    Fix Porch Light
    Fix Aisle Lights
    Replace cracked running light lenses on upper front
    Replace cracked running light lenses on upper rear
    Replace Bathroom Faucet
    Replace Kitchen Faucet
    Fix Rattling Dinette Table
    Fix Air Horn (New Solenoid)
    Replace Kitchen Light Switch
    Replace Step, Porch, Aisle, Valence and Ceiling Light Switches
    Caulk Shower
    Replace Black Tank Dump Valve
    Replace right rear cracked running light lens
    Replace Bathroom Light Switch
    Repair Screen Door - Weld cracked corners and cross pieces on screen door - Ken
    Replace the 4 12V/30A relays in engine bay for turn signals, etc.
    Replace Entry Door Seal
    Repaint Screen Door
    Put new screens on Screen Door
    Repair or replace Tachometer Sensor
    Replace Engine Serpentine Belt - keep old one as emergency spare
    1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby" --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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      Began the polishing / oxidation removal / waxing process with some experimenting today. Seems the Meguiars Mirror Glaze polish works well on the random buffer with a white shag buffing pad followed by M-Ron cleaner wax on a black pad, followed by hand buffing of wax haze with a microfiber towel.

      Took a few hours to do maybe a fifth of the coach. Some of that time was experimenting with some rubbing compound and a medium cut polish. Hopefully now that I've got the process figured out the rest will go faster! Some parts are beyond polishing and will need to be repainted but she's gonna be gorgeous!
      1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby" --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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        Wow Josh......I didn't realize you had done so much to your coach! I will be curious as to how much polish/wax you use to finish the job. At least you won't need to work out for a few days!


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          Yeah, I'd probably classify it as a restoration project. The beauty is that I love working on it (most of the time) and it has been useable during most of the work so it's been a really great experience.

          Rain interfering with the polishing, unfortunately ClassicRV doesn't have a big building yet for it's members to store and work on their toys. I'll keep ya posted on supplies used.
          1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby"
 --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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            We need to put a plan together for a members building as soon as possible!!

            I don't really know what I will need to do on mine until I get the keys at the end of the month, but I expect a list to be developed quickly. One of my biggest questions is how much oil an oil change will require. From web surfing, it appears it may be 5-6 gallons, but that seems like quite a bit?!?!


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              Yes! Emergency committee meeting for building plan!

              Yes the list will be awesome!

              Oil change is fairly easy, my Cummins 8.3 only takes 23.7 quarts of 15W-40, I like Shell Rotella T, and the LF 3000 filter from Cummins is about $30.

              Other important thing is the Fuel Filters, you probably have two for the engine and one for the generator. One is a water seperator with a drain on the bottom, needs to be drained occasionally to let water out. Mine were about $8 each for the engine from Cummins and a painful $40 for the Onan Generator.

              There may be a coolant filter too that needs attention. My motor is old school and has sleeved cylinders (I think this is what it's called) that require a coolant additive called DCA. The DCA level must be maintained and can be tested with a kit of dipping strips. At first it was kind of overwhelming but it's actually fairly straight forward. There are different filters that come preloaded with different amounts of DCA for starters and then you add DCA as needed.

              aaaaaaannnnnndddd the list will go on.........
              1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby"
     --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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                Wow! "Only 23.7 quarts"!!!! What if you overfill that last 0.3 quart?!?!? LOL

                I hope you are up to me asking questions, cause every answer spawns 2 or 3 more!


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                  That last .3 quart could be the proverbial straw, I don't wanna find out! lol

                  Ask away, I am here to try and help!
                  1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby"
         --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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                    By the way, the EuroPremier looked great at the Woodward Cruise last week!


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                      Thanks!! Still got a ways to go but I am really pleased with her!
                      1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby"
             --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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                        Dash Gauges in the Champion are VDO Industrial Line/Standard Line Black. Tachometer not working, was intermittent but not completely kaput. Did some testing with the voltmeter and it appears that the grounds are good, power is good and the signal line varies voltage with increase and decrease in RPM. Soooo... I'm presuming it is a failure in the gauge.

                        Here's some info for the gauges:

                        Industrial / Standard Line Black Series Gauges
                        • Designed specifically for industrial, commercial, automotive and marine applications
                        • Dual scales showing standard and metric readings
                        • Black brass bezels
                        • Pointers, primary and secondary numerals are white
                        • Traditional Reflective Side Lighting (not through dial)
                        • 3 3/8" & 2 1/16" Gauges
                        • The Industrial Line and the Standard Line (Marine) Series are the same

                        Sample Pic of style:

                        Here's our Tach:
                        Click image for larger version

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                        1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby"
               --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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                          I took the Tach to Bob's Speedometer Shop in Hartland, MI and they were kind enough to test it on the bench for me. To my surprise it got a good bill of health. They suggested that it is common for the sensor on the transmission bell housing to get gunked up or fail so I will be checking that in the spring time.


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                        My 1992 Champion Europremier motorhome maintenance reference list.

                        VIN# 4S7KT9S03NC004534

                        Engine: Cummins 8.3 CTA6 - Engine #44645051

                        Generator: Onan 7.5 DKDFJ

                        1992 Champion Europremier Yearly/Regular Maintenance List:
                        Part Description/Part # Quantity Change Interval Cost
                        Engine Oil 15W-40 Rotella T w/ Rislone Additive 23.7 qts Yearly $90ish
                        Engine Oil Filter Cummins LF 3000 1 Yearly $30
                        Engine Fuel Filter Cummins FF 5052 1 Yearly $9
                        Engine Fuel Water Separator Cummins FS 1280 1 Yearly $8
                        Engine Coolant Filter Cummins WF 2071 1 Yearly, also test DCA $9
                        Engine Coolant DCA Level Check Yearly
                        Grease Chassis Yearly
                        Generator Oil 15W-40 Rotella T, no additive 4 qts Yearly
                        Generator Oil Filter Onan 122-0827 1 Yearly $13
                        Generator Fuel Filter Onan A026K278 1 Yearly $40
                        Transmission Oil Filter Cummins LF 3789 1
                        Drinking Water Filter 1
                        1992 Champion Europremier Longer Term Maintenance List:
                        Part Description/Part # Quantity Change Interval Cost
                        Engine Air Filter Cummins AF 1813 1 3 years or as needed $40
                        Engine Coolant Change 5 years ?
                        Engine Serpentine Belt 3288933 1 5 years or as needed $52
                        Engine Belt Tensioner 5333477 or Dayco 89101 1 10 years or as needed $65 on Ebay
                        Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Cummins 3935649 1 10 years or as needed $116 on Ebay
                        Generator Coolant < 2 Gal.
                        Generator Air Filter Onan 140-2842 1 3 years or as needed
                        Fuel Transfer Pump Cummins 4988748 1 10 years or as needed $65
                        Front Shock Absorbers Bilstein 24-186407 2 As needed $200
                        Rear Shock Absorbers Bilstein 24-015943 2 As needed $200
                        Engine Radiator Cap Stant 10230 (16Lb) 1 10 years or as needed $10
                        Tires Yokohama 6 7-10 years or as needed $2600
                        Transmission Fluid Coastal Dex Merc ATF 19 qts? $70
                        Air Dryer Filter Bendix AD-9 1 3 years or as needed $60
                        • DCA (I've seen SCA referred to in some more modern documentation, not sure if there's a difference) level in engine coolant is very important for this and many other Diesel engines to prevent pitting and ultimate destruction of the piston sleeves.
                        • Fuel filters may go longer depending on conditions and fuel quality.
                        • Drain Fuel Water Separator monthly when not in storage.
                        • Drain air tanks every 3 months when not in storage.
                        • Belt tensioner, fuel solenoid and fuel transfer pump are known "strand you in the middle of nowhere" items so I prefer to replace them before they get into the stage of their life where failure is imminent.
                        • My change intervals are mostly based on time and not mileage since myself and most other motorhome owners won't typically drive enough to hit mileage limits before hitting time limits.

                        1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby"
               --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet


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                          So far so good. i'm going to need some more information - call me sometime when your free. so that i can put a plan together on my 1993 Europremier


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                            The 5333477 belt tensioner replaces old part numbers 3978022 and 3936201. It is genuine Cummins and is currently $127 from Diesel Specialists.

                            1992 Champion EuroPremier 38', 1984 Ford Bronco w/460, 2010 Australian Shepherd - "Coby"
                   --- Twitter @ClassicRVNet